Our Supporters!

During November and December 2012 Artburst ran a very successful crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to renovate our new office space in Hoxton, creating a welcoming workshop space for local children and families.

We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who donated to our campaign – your incredibly generous contributions will make such a difference!

An enormous thank you to our headline donors for their incredibly generous support:

Francine Horn, Alistair Griffin, Matthew Colahan and Judith Airy

A great big thank you to our generous donors:

Morgan Williams, Jay Mewburn, Victoria McGrath, In Hae Yeo, Madeline Quest-Ritson, Jessica O’Donovan, Jenny Bicât, Mark Gorrie, Ross Peat, Chris Hull, Manpreet Pattar, Harriet Oliver, Peter Herbert, Barbara Gaskin, Manou Shama-Llevy, Kathleen Embden, Jill Humphrey, Vanessa Chadwick, Kari Mitchell and Joseph Atkinson

And a big, enthusiastic thank you to all our other supporters who donated through our crowd funding campaign:

Adrian Burge, Rosemarie Sonja Ukwuoma, Alexandra Leavey, Stephanie Redstone, Celine Reynaud, Jessica Wilson, Nicky Westbury, Gemma Morgan, Sarah Kendall, Pamela Embden, James Wright, Dave Motion, Alex McCallum, Harry Walker, Jessica Evans, Colin & Wendy Kime, Natalie Bicât, Belinda Webster, Robin Symington, Rachel & Martin Chubbuck, Nick Embden, Ailsa Naumann, Nick Willsher, Mary Colahan, Sarah Colahan, Alexandra Burton, Lara Lindsay, Belinda Embden, Joanna Dorrian, Florence Embden-Kane, Anna Boyle, Eleanor Booth, Michael, Jo Coleman, Eleanor Bodenham, Joanna Pearson, Lucy Clarke, Alan Harper, Kezia Harper, Ann Clarke, Gabrielle Edlin, Marteze Lawson, Jonny Davies, Nicholas Owen Jones, Julian Saunders, AO, Jane Brenton, Alexander McDonnell, Jonathan Dix, Mitesh Soni, Cleo Bicât, Amara Peters, Gabrielle, Clair Richards, Abigail Pilkington-Wood, Rebecca Middleton, Anna van der Poorten, Stephen Roberts, Aaron Brannigan, Judith Bodenham, Lynda Moore, Polly McDonnell, Arj Singh, Sophie Barnes and Lucy Dear