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Artburst Monster Mayhem FREE Festival 

Sing, dance, play and make at the Artburst Monster Mayhem FREE children’s festival this May. Come along for 2 days of workshops on Tuesday 14th and Saturday 18th May.

Join us for a Storytelling & Craft drop-in session between 10.00-12.00pm (for 0-5 years old) on Tuesday 14th at Chisenhale Art Place.

Drop-in on Saturday 18th for a morning of Make & Take, for all children up to 12 years old at Olga Primary School.

That afternoon there will be an amazing Performance Showcase at 1.30pm at Olga Primary School.  The two-hour showcase will involve live music, interactive storytelling, performances by students, AND a professional children’s entertainer – arrive at 1:30 sharp to avoid missing out.

All activities are FREE! 

The activities are drop-in but we advise you to RSVP to our showcase – please contact or call 07435 788 190.